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Code of Practise

Terms and Conditions

Registration must be completed when joining the school.

The first lesson is free which gives you the opportunity to test the waters with the various subjects available.

Once joined fees are payable in advance with the following


4 Weekly

Half termly

Per Term

Fees must be paid on time by the date stated/Invoiced - You also have the option to pay via standing order/direct debit should you prefer.

Exams and competition entries are payable in advance to organisors so will not be entered unless payment is made in sufficient time in accordance with festival syllabus/examination date.

Uniform is available and must be brought through the school, however shoes can be fitted and purchased at other stockists if you prefer. A full range of uniform requirements are detailed on the site.

Punctuality and presentation is extremely important as it teaches self-discipline and shows respect for one another. Correct uniform is to be worn at all times as well as correct footwear, hair tidy in a bun or french plait and no jewellery as in accordance with our safety policy. It is important that parents encourage and install the importance of this to the children in order that students are not hindered in any way and can work to their full potential. Late or non attendance often leads to catch up situations often frustrating for both teachers and other students. Should this occur too frequently your son/daughter may forfeit their place in respective class.

If lessons are missed for more than two weeks without notification, children may forfeit their place in group routines. Also fees are still payable when lessons are missed with, few exceptions: e.g Holidays, Hospital or contractible illnesses.

4 Weeks notice of leave to be given, all 4 weeks payable when termination of subjects/lessons advices received.

Everybody is entitled to twoweeks holiday a year. The school closes for 2 weeks during Christmas period where fees are non- payable.

Students who attend solo, duet and trio classes are expected to enter at least two festivals a year. Troupes will also be entered in festivals so please ensure you do not commit your son/daughter to this area unless you are fully aware of commitment required by yourself and son/daughter.

Due to the busy structure within the school it is appreciated that your annual holidays are highlighted to us as early as possible. 

Pupils should seek permission from the Principal to attend any outside organisation/class/venue that are offering the same disciplines they work within the school.

Finally, we run a happy, friendly school so please ensure you have read and fully understood the requirements of registration as detailed in our school prospectus.

Child Protection Policy

Introduction: The Directors of Elite Dance Academy have drawn up this policy in order to meet the requirements of the Children Act 1989, The Human Rights Act 1998, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child (Ratified by the UK Govt. in 1991),The Protection of Children Act 1999, The Criminal Justice & Court Services Act 200 0and The Children Act 2004. As well as promoting the child’s welfare and safeguarding guidelines recommende by: The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), ‘Safefrom Harm’ Guidelines and Home Office Recommendations.For the purpose of this policy document the term ‘child’ will be used to describe all youngpeople under the age of 18 years participating in Dance or other tuition at Elite Dance Academy.(The Children Act 1989)The term ‘Staff’ shall be used to describe all those on a contract of employment Including Directors, Fully Registered Teachers, Pre-Registered Teachers, Free-lanceTeachersStudent Teachers and Administrative Staff. Statement The Principal Ms Jacqui Everitt is committed to creating a safe, understanding and encouraging environment in which the child can learn to Dance, Sing and Act. The Directors and Staff recognise that it is a privilege to work with children and young people and that it is also a great responsibility. Parents/Guardians trust the School to care for the child, give leadership and keep them safe.Our Policy The welfare of the child is paramount, regardless of his/her age, culture, disability, gender,language, racial origin, religious beliefs and/or sexual identity. Any suspicions or allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.An Official Complaints Procedure is in place – and appropriate Pro-Forma can be obtained from any member of Staff at any given time. All Staff members have a responsibility to personally report their concerns to the School Principal,Ms Jacqui Everitt (or in her absence) Mrs K Rolfe Policy Aims: To provide the child with appropriate safety and protection whilst attending classes,rehearsals, workshops, summer-schools, open-days, productions and other performances.It is our aim to recognise our ‘Duty of Care’ by adopting child protection guidelines through:1. Ensuring that all Staff members are aware that the designated officers, responsible for child safety is Ms J Everitt.2. Ensuring that Staff members respond appropriately should abuse be discovered or disclosed and that any incidents are fully reported.3. To ensure that Parents/Guardians are aware of our Policy and Establishing clear procedures for complaints or concerns.4. Providing effective management for Staff through supervision and support training.5. Monitoring and reviewing our child protection Policy.The Policy will work in tandem with our Health and Safety Policy which is readily available for perusal should Parents/Guardians require.Good Teaching Practice at Elite ....Children are the responsibility of Elite Dance Academy during their class time only.All Teaching Staff must hold current CRB disclosures and First Aid Certificates. These are displayed at Elite in the waiting area. All Teaching Staff hold appropriate qualifications in their chosen field. Staff members will ensure that appropriate steps are taken to ensure that the child is not at risk of injury, whether to their physical or mental wellbeing.In the case of any physical injury, this will be recorded in the Accident book and the appropriate treatment given. Parents will be notified

immediately. Medicines will not be administered to a child without full, written permission from theParent/Guardian.Whenever possible, Elite endeavours to ensure that more than one Staff member is present during classes for children.Parents are not permitted in the studio during lesson time.Elite assures Parents/Guardians that suitable and adequate supervision is provided at all times. At all times, Staff members shall provide an example of good conduct and be an excellent role model. This includes refraining from smoking drinking alcohol or swearing in the company of children.Staff members shall not make suggestive or derogatory remarks or gestures to or in front of a child.Teaching Staff shall give enthusiastic and constructive feedback and not negative criticisms. However, should the behaviour of a child become inappropriate – a Disciplinary Procedure is inplace and Parents/Guardians will be informed of a re-occurring problem.During a class, physical contact should occur for correctional purposes only.Staff are aware, however, that it is possible to have actions misinterpreted no matter how well intentioned.3a Protection All information held on our students is strictly confidential.In exceptional circumstances, if we feel that a child may be at risk, we would immediately inform the appropriate authorities.We do have a policy of displaying the Examination results of students on our website and studio notice boards.However, individuals can ask for their results not to be posted.Filming and Photography and Public PerformanceParental consent will be obtained prior to the child being filmed or photographed and also prior to a public performance.Children in Performance Appropriate authorities will be informed prior to a production and all proper licences will beobtained to cover children in performance.Children taking Examinations Children, who attend classes at Elite, may be entered for Examinations through British Theatre Dance Association. An official Examiner Music Operator are the only persons in the room with theExamination Candidate(s). Elite Staff are not permitted in the Studio during Examinations.It is the decision of the Teacher as to whether a Student is entered for Examination – not the decision of the Parent/Guardian.Statement : Our School has grown to be one of the largest and most successful in the South of England. We educate our students to the highest standards in Dance & Theatre skills - whilst encouraging and improving self confidence, self discipline, and self motivation

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