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A variety of disciplines are taught within the school to children of all age groups.


Our school encourages students to achieve their personal best in the understanding, appreciation and performance of ballet.

Children and students attending classes at Elite can be confident that they are achieving a comprehensive, well-structured and relevant ballet education. They can be sure that they will be taught according to safe teaching principles and that they will be evaluated through progressively built examinations.

Ballet Examination sessions are held in our studio three times each year and results are of a consistently high standard

Acrobatic dance skills (often mistaken for gymnastics) add variation to the curriculum and are taught under close supervision. A physically demanding dance form derived from acrobatic traditions of entertainment.

This discipline places an emphasis on athleticism, agility, strength, control and balance. This enables the dancer to show graceful and apparently effortless movements and sculptural presentation.

In the acrobatic work we aim to use transition in body shape to express feeling and emotion by exercising control over space and movement.

At Elite we begin with our "Fun Time Tumblers" Class and children/students progress through the grades to Teacher Training Level. There are very few schools in the Southern Region that are able to offer an education and examination structure in acrobatic work.

Examinations are entered at ten-week intervals here at Elite.

Modern jazz

Our Programme of Study - British Theatre Dance Association

This is a most popular dance form which makes extensive use of contemporary and up-to-date music. Both Modern & Jazz place an emphasis on the mastery of self-expression, energetic movement and response to rhythm. It is athletic and physically demanding and requires high levels of co-ordination, concentration and stamina.

At Elite, we follow the B.T.D.A. programme of study through Graded Examination to Teacher Training Level.

Examinations are held at the studio every ten weeks and results are of a consistently high standard.

Street/Hip Hop classes are becoming more popular with the commercial influence.

Lyrical dance allows children to express through movement both their technical and artistic delivery

Tap has long been a favourite of younger students as many like to make a noise. It also establishes and develops correct timing for dance and in time creates the percussion and clarity of footwork for artistic performance as the children develop their skills in this subject.

Drama: Incudes voice production, acting, mime, improvisation, script work, camera/film and stage acting and Audition preparation techniques. General classes are strutured to include group work and team building. This is done through drama games and improvisation with the emphasis being on fun. Those wishing to take drama further may want to take examinations.Pupils may take grades in Acting, Verse & Prose, Improvisation and Public Speaking.

Medal tests and lower grade performing arts awards may be taken as a solo, duet or group.

Festivals & Competitions

At Elite we strive to give our students every opportunity to to develop their performance skills & build confidence. One the ways in which we do this is by giving pupils a chance to take part in dance & drama festivals. Festivals are not a compulsory part of being a member of Elite.


1) They are great FUN. 2) Builds confidence.3) Gives you more opportunities to perform.4) Develops your performance skills.5) Has a positive impact on your examination results (most pupils who take part in festivals see a rise in there dance results)!6) It builds a team spirit bringing the school together.7) It gives parents more opportunity to see their child performing and can take an active role in this.8) It has huge benefits for those students who are auditioning for performing arts college. It gives you that extra edge needed to be noticed.9) By seeing pupils from other schools gives you an insight into the wider picture. You have to remember that there is always someone better than you, so festivals are a chance to raise you standards and aspirations.

Modelling and Commercial Work

All students have the opportunity to be part of the AB FAB agency. Because of our ongoing relationships with many agents within the Industry there is always a demand for the students to get involved in different areas of modelling, theatre, commercial work. Many of the younger students audition for the juvenile roles in the West End, some of whom have enjoyed success, whilst senior members of the school have the opportunity to be part of the entertainment and cabaret Industry under Born Wild Management and Unique Productions. Pantomime season is always a busy time for us as many of the pupils are recalled to theatres in Dartford, Barking and Grays as have always left their reputation of being an Elite pupil and a joy to work with. For more information visit our sister website on

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